Virtual Servers


Virtual Servers


High-performance Virtual Servers designed for speed and efficiency.

Access highly configurable and scalable Virtual Servers with NVIDIA GPU acceleration or CPU-only options, all at affordable rates.

Effortlessly scale up deployment and management of Virtual Servers.

Our Virtual Servers are powered by Kubernetes to handle workloads that aren't easily containerized. Additionally, we integrate Slurm for efficient resource management and workload scheduling, ensuring optimal performance and scalability. You can launch Virtual Servers in seconds directly from our user interface.

Fine-tuned for top-notch performance.

Harness the raw power of dedicated GPUs through PCI pass-through for bare-metal performance, free from GPU virtualization or shared resources.

Experience unparalleled flexibility in both compute and hardware configurations.

Customize your virtual servers to suit your needs. Utilize a diverse range of NVIDIA GPUs to align with the complexity of your workloads, and seamlessly switch between GPU types within seconds.

Our platform provides comprehensive support for both Linux and Windows Virtual Servers.

Choose from our selection of Virtual Servers, including those with NVIDIA GPU acceleration or CPU-only options, all pre-configured with either Linux distributions or Windows versions. If you require a different setup, you can also bring your own ISO.

Virtual Server Solutions

Virtual Servers with extensive configurability.

Benefit from the unparalleled performance of bare-metal cloud, even when using containerized Virtual Machines. Every deployment on Virtual Servers enjoys incredible scaling capabilities and rapid spin-up times.

Enable your team to instantly access the necessary compute resources.

Enhance artist workflows and alleviate the maintenance overhead of on-premises infrastructure with Virtual Workstations, leading to increased productivity, reduced strain on your team, and superior end-products for your clients.


Spin-up new instances in as little as 5 seconds

With our proprietary auto-scaling technology, you can enjoy the benefits of bare-metal without the headache of managing infrastructure. Plus, our data centers provide the ultimate low-latency experience for end users so that real-time interactions feel responsive.


Realign your research within budget constraints

Ensure your data scientists stay within budget by providing them with the appropriate hardware for their tasks. Allocate the necessary resources for them to effectively reach their research objectives, while avoiding unnecessary spending on generic cloud instances.

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