Siam AI Cloud specializes in providing cloud services tailored specifically for enterprise-scale GPU-accelerated workloads

Our infrastructure optimized for compute-intensive tasks such as machine learning, VFX rendering and batch processing. It's up to 35 times faster and 80% more cost-effective than traditional cloud providers. Additionally, NVIDIA Slurm integration enhances resource management and workload scheduling, further improving efficiency and performance.

Our Infrastructure At-a-Glance

Data centers across Southeast Asia
Kubernetes-native infrastructure
Over 10 different NVIDIA GPU SKUs
Premium networking and storage
Industry’s best economics

Our infrastructure

Multiple data centers located across Southeast Asia
High-quality networking and storage solutions
Industry-leading cost-effectiveness

Recognized as an elite provider of NVIDIA Cloud Solutions for both compute and visualization applications.

As a global leader in accelerated computing solutions and the pioneering force behind GPU technology, NVIDIA continues to drive significant technological advancements. We take pride in being the inaugural Elite partner for both Compute and Visualization.

Our commitment extends to investing in a diverse array of top-tier NVIDIA GPUs, including the largest deployment of A40s in North America. This ensures that our clients have access to unparalleled computing power tailored to the intricacies of their workloads. Moreover, we construct our A100 distributed training clusters with a meticulously optimized design, leveraging NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand networking and in-network collections through NVIDIA SHARP. This strategic approach enables us to deliver unmatched performance in distributed training, maximizing efficiency and productivity for our clients.

“Siam AI Cloud is a valued, dedicated partner of NVIDIA. As such, they were named our first Elite Cloud Solutions Provider for Compute in the NVIDIA Partner Network. By offering their clients a tremendously broad range of compute options – from A100s to A40s – at unprecedented scale and their commitment to delivering world-class results in AI, machine learning, visual effects and more. NVIDIA is a proud supporter of Siam AI Cloud.”

Matt McGrigg, Global Director Business Development, Cloud and Strategic Partners

Experience high-performance computing at its fastest and most flexible with our cutting-edge infrastructure.

Designed to optimize performance for all types of workloads. Our infrastructure is anchored by the industry's most extensive selection of top-tier NVIDIA GPUs, yet it's not just about hardware. Our Kubernetes-native cloud platform and our advanced networking and server architecture consistently outperform conventional cloud providers.

Encouraging scalability rather than hindering it, we are a cloud solutions provider focused on fostering growth and expansion.

At the heart of our distinctive features is the autonomy and capability we provide our clients to swiftly scale up or down as needed. Gone are the days of rigid resource limits and lengthy waits for GPUs to initialize; we're equipped to respond to demand instantaneously. When we promise access to thousands of GPUs within seconds, we deliver on that commitment.

The most competitive economics in the industry.

Our pricing for compute is set at the right level, allowing you the flexibility to tailor your instances to suit your deployment needs. Utilizing resource-based pricing means you pay only for what you use, precisely when you use it. Our infrastructure, support system, and range of computing options are all crafted with meticulous attention to help you achieve optimal cost efficiency in your operations.

Offering professional support

Our clients often consider Siam AI Cloud's Support Engineers as an integral part of their teams, leveraging our expertise in DevOps and Infrastructure to swiftly and effectively set up deployments and scale workloads. Our commitment to empowering cutting-edge technology drives us, with our clients' success being our topmost priority.

What defines a cloud provider with a specialized focus?

From the inception of Siam AI Cloud, our mission has been clear: to provide top-tier cloud infrastructure tailored for high-performance computing tasks. Our focus isn't on simply hosting WordPress sites; rather, we've developed a cutting-edge cloud platform that enables visionaries and entrepreneurs to expand their ventures.

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