Machine Learning & AI


Machine Learning & AI


An advanced cloud platform designed specifically for cutting-edge AI applications.

Leverage the capabilities of Siam AI Cloud to accelerate model training, fine-tuning, and deployment up to 35 times faster, supported by scalable availability and cost-effective economics.

Experience unmatched performance for GPU-accelerated workloads.

Gain access to the most extensive selection of NVIDIA GPUs in the industry through Siam AI Cloud, allowing seamless scaling across compute resources tailored to the intricacy of your workloads. Our Kubernetes-native infrastructure boasts rapid spin-up times, adaptive auto-scaling, and cutting-edge networking architecture, ensuring scalable performance. Additionally, incorporating NVidia Slurm enhances workload management and resource allocation for optimized efficiency and productivity.

Optimize your workloads.

Each model has unique compute needs. With the widest range of GPUs in the industry, you can accelerate the training, fine-tuning, and deployment of models with greater speed and efficiency.

Outclass networking architecture

Our H100s distributed training clusters feature an optimized design for high-speed rail implementation, utilizing NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand networking that supports in-network collections with NVIDIA SHARP. This setup provides each node with a remarkable 3.2Tbps of GPUDirect bandwidth.

Seamlessly migrate your existing workloads

Siam AI Cloud comes pre-optimized for NVIDIA GPU accelerated workloads, enabling seamless execution of your current workloads with minimal adjustments required. Whether you utilize SLURM or prioritize containerization, our deployment solutions empower you to achieve more with less infrastructure management.

Siam AI Cloud powers cutting-edge machine learning and AI applications.

Access a vast and highly available GPU infrastructure for training, fine-tuning, and deploying models for any AI application, all within a scalable, on-demand framework. Looking for assistance? Our clients frequently regard our DevOps and infrastructure engineers as an integral part of their teams.

Experience the quickest spin-up times and the most adaptive auto-scaling capabilities.

Siam AI Cloud offers top-notch inference capabilities, enabling efficient model serving with exclusive auto-scaling tech and rapid spin-up times of just 5 seconds. Our nationwide data centers reduce latency, ensuring exceptional performance for end users.

Cutting-edge distributed training clusters

Utilizing NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand networking and in-network collections with NVIDIA SHARP, we design our A100 distributed training clusters with a rail-optimized architecture to achieve optimal distributed training performance.

Realize the benefits of bare metal without having to manage the infrastructure

We built Cloud with engineers in mind. GPUs are accessible by deploying containerized workloads via Kubernetes, for increased portability, less complexity and overall lower costs. Not a Kubernetes expert? We’re here to help.

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