CPU Compute


CPU Compute

CPU Compute

Scale your operations to encompass hundreds of thousands of CPU cores.

Access an extensive array of CPU servers instantly, enabling you to fuel your applications or conduct data analysis effortlessly.

No need GPU acceleration? No worries, we have you covered.

Our CPU servers are independent and robust, offering significant scalability for tasks such as final-frame rendering, data analysis or video transcoding. Our CPU-only instances provide the necessary scale, versatility, and flexibility required for general-purpose computing.

Easily expand the scalability of your applications.

Efficiently schedule and oversee your CPU workloads from a unified control plane, whether they operate as containerized micro-services or within highly customizable Virtual Servers.

Adaptable, customizable and scalable.

Range of CPU compute options provides cost-effective performance solutions for various use cases, enabling you to effectively meet your business goals with confidence.

Operate at a pace that aligns with human capabilities.

Rapidly deploy tens of thousands of CPU cores as needed to meet strict rendering deadlines or handle large-scale data analysis tasks. Your computing infrastructure should never hinder your ability to work at a pace that aligns with human capabilities.

Get the Latest CPU from both Intel & AMD

Our CPU server fleet operates independently. It can scale significantly for tasks such as final-frame rendering, data analysis, or video transcoding. Siam AI's CPU-only instances offer the scalability, versatility, and adaptability required for general-purpose computing.

AMD Epyc, Intel Xeon Scalable

Power your latency-sensitive applications and technical computing needs with the AMD Epyc Milan and Rome, as well as Intel Xeon Scalable architectures. These CPUs boast boost clocks exceeding 3.2GHz and are offered in instances designed for optimal performance.

Intel Xeon v4

Harness the power of Intel Xeon v4 processors to drive your production applications and services, striking an excellent balance between performance and cost-effectiveness. SiamAI Cloud’s General Purpose CPU options blend high core counts with impressive boost clocks to optimize your workloads.

Intel Xeon v3

Leverage Intel Xeon v3 processors to achieve maximum scalability for tasks such as final-frame rendering and large-scale parallel computation. These systems are designed to deliver exceptional cost-adjusted performance, particularly for handling extensive batch workloads.

Consumable in containers or Virtual Servers

Our CPU pricing is built for flexibility. Instances are highly configurable, giving you the freedom to choose the compute resources that best suit your needs.

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