Cutting-edge networking technology, delivering exceptional performance.

Siam AI Cloud's network architecture boasts a decentralized design capable of handling over 100Tbps, ensuring seamless scaling of your workloads.

Customized networking solutions designed to meet your unique needs

Network design streamlines functionality within the network fabric, reducing the need for extensive IP and VLAN management while ensuring optimal performance and security. If you prefer flat layer-2 networking, you can deploy VPC for complete control in scenarios that demand it.

Connectivity to the public Internet

Gain access to the public Internet through various Tier 1 providers worldwide, offering speeds of up to 100Gbps per node. Leveraging regionally optimized transit providers, Siam AI ensures low-latency connectivity.

Secure private networking for your infrastructure needs

Harness secure, high-speed private networking effortlessly. Administer firewalling using Kubernetes network policies or opt for VPC networking to create a Layer 2 native environment.

Optimize your application's performance with Load Balancer services tailored to your needs.

Set up Load Balancer services for your applications to guarantee a highly available and scalable infrastructure, all without any extra expenses.

Tailored configurations to suit your requirements

When you require management of a Layer 2 environment, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) gives back control of networking to the user. This enables the deployment of a virtual firewall, the termination of IPSec VPNs, routing management, IP address control, and more, as needed.

Economics that cannot be beaten.

Your pricing model is distinctive for its clarity, ease of understanding, and stark contrast to other prominent cloud providers: there are no fees for data transfers or egress. If you have particular needs, we are ready to discuss reserved bandwidth rates with suppliers to suit your requirements.

Networking Solutions

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